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Our Team and Collaborators

We are an interdisciplinary team of engineers, physiologists, neuroscientists, and clinicians that share a common mission: to develop technologies directed at promoting recovery in persons with catastrophic injury to their brain or spinal cord.

Randy D Trumbower, PT, PhD

MS - Physical Therapy, Duke University; MS, PhD - Biomedical Engineering, University of Connecticut; Postdoc Fellow, Northwestern University

Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Harvard Medical School; Adjunct Associate Professor, MGH Institute for Health Professions

Melissa DeChellis, BS
Research Assistant

Ms. DeChellis is a clinical biologist. She is a certified phlebotomist. Ms. DeChellis has expertise in clinical trial recruitment and management. Ms. DeChellis is joining the team in December.

Andrew Tan, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Tan is a Postdoctoral Fellow within the INSPIRE Lab at Harvard Medical School and Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital. He completed his PhD in Biomedical Engineering at Northwestern University in 2015. Dr. Tan is a neuromechanist interested in quantifying mechanisms of plasticity after injury to the spinal cord.

To Be Determined
Systems Engineer

Lu Wan is an Electrical Engineer and Computer Scientist. She earned her MS, PhD in electrical and biomedical engineering from the University of Florida

Can Ozan Tan, PhD

Dr. Tan is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at Harvard Medical School. He is Director of the TANLAB.

Chloe Slocum, MD, MPH

Dr. Slocum is a Physiatrist at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital and Spaulding Hospital for Continuing Medical Care Cambridge. Dr. Slocum also holds an appointment at Harvard's T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Ross Zafonte, DO

Dr. Zafonte is the Earle P. and Ida S. Charlton Professor and Chair, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation & VP for Medical Affairs at Harvard Medical School. He is Principal Investigator for the New England Spinal Cord Injury Model System.

Paolo Bonato, PhD

Dr. Bonato is an Associate Professor in the Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at Harvard Medical School
He is Director of the Movement Analysis Laboratory at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital.

Andrea Christoforou, PT, PhD

Dr. Christoforou is a postdoctoral fellow studying genetic markers in rehabilitation at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital.

Gordon Mitchell, PhD

Dr. Mitchell collaborated with the INSPIRE Lab for more than 10 years.

Professor of Physical Therapy, Preeminence Professor of Neuroscience, and Director of the Center for Respiratory Research and Rehabilitation

University of Florida

Ayanna Howard, PhD

Dr. Howard is Professor within the Institute for Robotics & Intelligent Machines at Georgia Institute of Technology. She also is CTO at Zyrobotics, LLC. Dr. Howard has collaborated with the INSPIRE lab for more than 5 years on development technologies to enhance motor recovery after spinal cord injury.

Andy Taylor, PhD

Dr. Taylor is Associate Professor and Associate Chair for Research in the Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at Harvard Medical School. He also is the Director of the Cardiovascular Lab at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital.


Lorna Brown, DPT, GCS
Research Coordinator

Dr. Brown is the senior physical therapist and research coordinator for the INSPIRE Lab. She has tremendous experience with clinical trial management.

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